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This site is dedicated to all British Classic Motorcycles and to the many enthusiasts who keep these motorcycles alive today.

With your help, I intend to develop this site so it is informative and a pleasant experience for visitors to browse and reminisce about the good old days, so please send in your comments, articles, photographs, etc.

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One of my friends often jokes...

... "Nostalgia isn't what it used to be!"

Motorcycling in Britain has changed dramatically over the years...
...and so has the British Motorcycle industry.

What hasn't changed is the enthusiasm generated by you and others reading this website.

Many British Motorcycle manufacturers are now just a distant memory for some people.
Hopefully this site will jog some of those memories.

Nowadays it is mostly enthusiasts who ride motorcycles - compared to earlier years when motorcycles were ridden as a cheaper form of transport than motorcars.

With an improving economy in Britain just after World War II, many a family man has long since opted for a small family car as opposed to a motorcycle and sidecar outfit.

Of course, there was always going to be exclusive motorcycles that only wealthy enthusiasts could afford to purchase.

Many of these exclusive motorcycles, along with some of the "run of the mill" motorcycles, have gone on to become very collectable, and now it seems that even some of the "run of the mill" motorcycles require deep pockets to own.

The desire to own these machines and keep them in pristine running condition has created a huge market for spares supported by many classic motorcycle clubs and enthusiastic dealers around the world.

The information in the British Classic Motorcycles site has been researched from various sources.

Of course, there are many superb publications available that give more detail about specific subjects.

If you would like to read about other manufacturers not on the list, please let me know, or even write an article yourself that could be included on the website.

I want the website to be informative and easy to use, so if you think of ways that the site can be improved, please do not hesitate to drop me a line.

I will consider any suggestions based upon personal choice and on my limited website building ability.

I would like to thank the following for allowing the use of logos, images, etc. on this website.


BSA Owners Club (UK)

BSA Company Ltd.

Norton Motorcycles Ltd.

Triumph Motorcycles (UK) Ltd.

British Only Austria (Brough Superior Motor Cycles Limited)

Steve Dunn for allowing the use of images of his paintings.

Richard Gaunt of D.R.Classic Motorcycles Ltd. for allowing the use of the following photograph on the website header.

Velocette Norton BSA AJS Triumph

Various people who have submitted photographs and / or information.

You know who you are!


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