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In the December of 1955, the last Vincent came off the production line and was labeled 'The Last.'

Vincent went into receivership in 1959.


Since going into receivership, the Vincent company has been bought and sold by other concerns.

Various specialist builders have used the Vincent engines in alternative frames.

Vincent engines have been fitted to Norton Featherbed frames to create the 'Norvin'.

Fritz Egli, a specialist motorcycle frame manufacturer based in Switzerland fitted Vincent engines into his own frames and produced around one hundred Egli-Vincents between 1967 and 1972. 

Egli-Vincents are still being built in France by Patrick Godet under licence.

Bernard Li of San Diego, California acquired the Vincent trademark in 1994 and formed Vincent Motors USA in 1998.
His company built prototypes that captured the spirit of the original Vincents but using modern components such as the Honda RC51 V-twin engine.

Bernard Li was killed in a motorcycle accident in Arizona in 2008 and so the Vincent name now seems unlikely to resurface for the time being.

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