British Classic Motorcycles - Where is it Now? - Triton V4 Special


Can anyone help Vic Plummer to find a special motorcycle that once belonged to his father?

Please see Vic's letter to me along with a copy of Vic Willoughby's article from the 24th February 1966 issue of Motor Cycle.

If you can help, please e-mail me, Paul Mercer at and I will pass on your details to Mr. Plummer.

"Dear Mr Mercer,

My name is Vic Plummer and I'm searching for my father's bike that came to England in the mid 60s with English motorcyclist, Arthur Harris.
Very keen to find out what happened to it and if possible get it back and use it for as it was intended, sidecar racing or classic racing now.
Just hoping with your wide contacts and knowledge of classic bikes you might have come across it.
It's a V4 with 2 alloy Tiger 100s welded together in a Manx Norton frame. It's very distinctive and hopefully has escaped the ravages of time. Enclosed is an article about it and about the last thing we've heard about it.

Thank you for your time and keep up your great work.

Yours in motorcycling,

Vic Plummer."

Triton V4 Special