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Rudge motorcycles took the first three places in the 1934 Lightweight TT Race.

In 1935, the first two valve 250cc model, known as the Tourist, was introduced.
A 500cc Competition model was catalogued.

In 1936 the last of the radial four valve 250cc models were produced.
The two valve 250cc Tourist was renamed the Rapid.
Round tube forks were introduced in this year.

Also in 1936, John Pugh died, and Gramophone Co. Ltd., who later became HMV and then EMI, took over the business.
They moved production to Hayes, Middlesex in 1937.

In 1937, the valve gear became fully enclosed by a cast alloy cover on the 500cc models.
The bronze cylinder head remained until replaced with a light alloy version in 1939.

In 1938, a two valve 250cc machine was developed for use by the army.
Not many were sold.

Early in 1939, the Ulster was fitted with an RR50 aluminium cylinder head.
Also this year, the Villiers engined Autocycle was introduced.

Rudge motorcycle production ceased in December 1939 as EMI concentrated on the manufacture of radar and electronic equipment for the war effort.

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